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Stage One - Concept and Development.

Stimulated by a variety of influences: nature, universal shapes, current trends, accessory needs and function of the purse; all designs are cultivated through a series of research and development through the means of sketches and drawings.

Stage Two - Pattern and Template.

Once a purse concept, design and proportion are manually drafted and finalized, the specific size and pattern making process begins. The production templates are generated digitally on a computer to ensure accuracy, these include: the purse outer cover, pockets, inside lining, and the design details that characterize the purse. The template is used for each purse in a particular size and line of purse. An alteration to a particular line requires a re-drafting and re-generation of a new template.

Stage Three - Craftsmanship

Selecting the perfect combination of colors, textures and patterns takes considerable thought to create each into a unique and distinctive handmade purse. The patterns are then traced onto a piece of leather or a specified material and carefully hand-cut.

Stage Four - Interior lining.

One aspect of the Stella Vittorio Collection is all purses, wallets and other accessories within the Collection are lined exclusively with signature logo fabric. Created in a variety of vibrant colors to compliment each item, the monogrammed lining makes each experience of opening the purse a constant delight.

Stage Five - Assembly.

The assembly and construction is a combination of sewing, hand-punched and hand-riveted hardware crafting a sturdy and sustainable piece designed to last for years of use. Components vary from a wallet constructed of a single solid swatch of leather to the Adelina purse consisting of 136 pieces.

Stage Six - Packaging.

Each piece is thoroughly reviewed and placed within a fabric bag to protect against dust and damage. UPS shipping is provided free of charge when delivered within the US continuous 48 states.

Stage Seven - Warranty.

Stella Vittorio Collection warrants the work-womanship from normal wear and tear for a period of 1 year from the purchase. Items returned will be repaired at no charge.

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