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Las Vegas Business Press Presents 2011 green award to Handbag Designer Stella VIttorio
Fashionista Wins in the Best Green Practices-Products Category

The Las Vegas Business Press named Handbag Designer Stella Vittorio a winner of the 2011 Green Awards during the official ceremony on July 22nd at the Springs Preserve. Vittorio was presented the award in the Best Green Practices- Products category for her signature Stella Vittorio Collection of hand-crafted purses, clutches, and handbags that feature an Eco Line of green accessories created from recycled materials such as carpet samples, belts, and upholstery leathers

Earlier this summer, Vittorio’s was also recognized as a finalist in the Best Green Handbag category for the 2011 Independent Handbag Design Awards competition hosted by InStyle Magazine & Handbag Designer 101.  Vittorio was one of over 1,200 international entrants in the 2011 competition being judged by some of the industries noted fashion experts.  




Stella Vittorio is the renaissance of purse making. No outfit can stand alone without a matching handbag to compliment it. Handbags have been a part of our lives since the Egyptian pyramids were first built and by far, handbags have encapsulated women’s fashion. Stella Vittorio from Las Vegas , SV from LV ushers in a new generation in purse making. We redefine hand made purses, clutches, totes, handbags, and murses for gentlemen. All purses are unique and made with exceptional craftsmanship to express your individual style and "purse-onality." Stella Vittorio Purses are handmade in Las Vegas. SVP’s seductive shapes and curves are formed with sincere love and out of the highest quality leather with all the finest US-made trims and beautiful solid brass buckles and grommets to make every purse the absolute must-have standout accessory.

The haute couture collection ranging from $35.00 to $650.00 USD, features seven different design lines in a variety of colors, sizes, textures and shapes. Each is a work of art, which takes upwards of 20 hours of design and construction to assemble by hand and includes a custom interior with monogrammed lining in a variety of vibrant colors to verify its authenticity.

The result is a well-defined line of products that effortlessly explore various forms while they maintain practical function that stand out as fashionable handbags. Stella Vittorio has established itself as an ambassador for timeless-youth.

The collection showcases an eco-friendly line crafted from recycled materials such as carpet samples, as well as a line of accessories to accommodate the needs and desires of today's stylish Metro-sexual with brief bags and thin-profile wallets.

Authentic purses, wallets, and clutches from the Stella Vittorio Collection portfolio are only available through the company's website and soon at selected retailers. Our bags are hand-cut and hand-sewn by trained craftsmen and most importantly, made in the U.S.A.


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